VPLI Projects

The VPLI is uniquely positioned to inform the national dialogue and to fill several significant gaps in the national dialogue with respect to veteran services.

  • The VPLI is the only national policy center developing veteran and military policy recommendations exclusively for state and local governments.
  • It is the only national organization serving as a clearinghouse for latest scholarship and best practices on veterans issues, leveraging interdisciplinary scholarship from diverse fields such as political science and public affairs, social work, aging and disability, communications, community development, design and information technology.
  • It is one of the only organizations focused exclusively on developing, highlighting and scaling local models and solutions for engaging with private sector partners.
  • The VPLI leverages the assets of Nevada’s two institutions of higher education, University of Nevada Reno and University of Nevada Las Vegas through partnerships with scholars, researchers and students as well as their data labs.

The VPLI grew out of the Green Zone Initiative at the state level and the Green Zone Foundation at the Nevada Community Foundation. Our projects (past and current) include:

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Systems Change article

Veterans Systems Change Toolkit

Schwab Veterans Payday Lending Research and Report

State and Local Policy Recommendations Report